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September Monthly Meeting - September 12, 2022 07:00 PM - Link to Join Meeting Meeting ID: 852 2852 5442 - Passcode: 318654

September Workshop Meeting - September 19, 2022 07:00 PM - Link to Join Meeting Meeting ID: 816 2346 5222 - Passcode: 413206

Employment Opportunity

Plumsted Township Fire District #1 is currently seeking candidates for the position of Firefighter / EMT. Click Here for more information.

Plumsted Twp. Fire District

Welcome to the official website for the Plumsted Township Fire District. This website has been developed in order to satisy the requirements of enacted law A3908 requiring all Fire Districts and other governing agencies to become more transparent to the general public by providing specific information pertaining to our fire district.

Basically a fire district is governed by a Board of Commissioners who are elected by the legal voters within the district at an annual election on the third Saturday in February. The Board submits an annual budget to the voters for approval at this same election. A fire tax is struck and collected by the municipality. The funds are remitted to the district four times during the year.

The Board of Fire Commissioners is responsible for fire prevention and suppression within its territory. Most fire districts contract with the local volunteer fire companies for the use of their building and personnel in the providing of fire services.

In addition to the specific sections of this site, you can also find other information specific to our emergency services and town governing body on the websites listed below.

Public Disclosure Information

As per New Jersey State Law, specifically NJSA 40A:14-70.2, requires that all fire districts provide information to the public through a website or webpage. This website or webpage shall be to provide increased public access to the fire district's operations and activities.

This notice is to certify that the fire district's website, www.plumstedfiredistrict.com, does in fact comply with NJSA 40A:14-70.2. All information is available 24 hours each day for public view on this website. The website's compliance is checked and verified at least annually by the board of fire commissioners, the fire chief, the accountant, and the website manager.